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Dashboard Splash Page

Our clients needed an executive-level view of their enterprise’s overall health. Business System Solutions developed an application that scraped data from nightly-run, enterprise-wide reports and saved the data as images. These images were then displayed on scrolling, splash pages in an easy-to-read yet informative layout.

Secure Portal Unlock

Our client needed a secure web app that allowed system administrators to login and reset administrator passwords for internet-connected machines with an Endpoint Management client installed. Our solution allowed them to not only login and reset passwords, but to find renamed administrator accounts and generate enterprise-compliant passwords via secure/encrypted communication.

Smart Card Unlock

When our client enforced a dual-verification logon, requiring both smart card and password, they also needed the flexibility to grant network access with just a password in order to give the enterprise the necessary time to on-board old and new users alike. Our team developed an application that allowed the Help Desk staff to request that a computer turn off the smart card requirement during the establishment of a VPN connection.

URL Shortener

Our client's Dashboard had always allowed end users to view, run, and export enterprise-wide reports and compliance results in a variety of popular file formats. Over time, however, a desire for the ability to reference specific Dashboard reports via URL address developed. After repeatedly being told that this functionality was impossible, Business System Solutions developed a URL Shortener tool that creates a shareable report URL and takes all report preferences into account, including filters, sort order, grouping, drill-levels, etc.

Application Compliance Standards

This application monitors application versions to show if they are below, at or above a compliance standard. Active compliance version specifications can be updated or added as necessary. Property relationships that change are highlighted for ease of remediation.

CVSS Calculator application image
CVSS Calculator

Strategy. Scorecards. Metrics. KPI’s. These are hot-button words that are now industry standards. Business System Solutions can build interactive and dynamic Score Calculator Systems to help your organization compose strategies, track progress, define and achieve goals.

Endpoint Manager Version Control

This application monitors for changes in the BigFix Root Server and saves the changes into a Source Control Repository. Modularized features include Content Propagation, Email Notification, and Application Logging Levels.

Cognos Content Version Control

This application monitors for changes in the Cognos Content Store and saves the changes into a Source Control Repository. Modularized features include Email Notification and Application Logging Levels.

Shortened URL Error Finder/Management

The Error Finder application is used to identify reports with Report URL values that are no longer valid (the report(s) may have been moved or removed). The interface can run automatically to identify invalid reports or report URLs can be individually checked through the Search area.

The Management interface is used to edit Cognos Encoded URLs and their corresponding Target URLs. URLs can be modified individually or they can be searched for and edited based on their Target URL, full path, or Base Folder path.