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Dashboard Splash Page

Our clients needed an executive-level view of their enterprise’s overall health. Business System Solutions developed an application that scraped data from nightly-run, enterprise-wide reports and saved the data as images.  These images were then displayed on scrolling, splash pages in an easy-to-read yet informative layout.

Secure Portal Unlock

Our client needed a secure web app that allowed system administrators to login and reset administrator passwords for internet-connected machines with an Endpoint Management client installed. Our solution allowed them to not only login and reset passwords, but to find renamed administrator accounts and generate enterprise-compliant passwords via secure/encrypted communication. 

Smart Card Unlock

When our client enforced a dual-verification logon, requiring both smart card and password, they also needed the flexibility to grant network access with just a password in order to give the enterprise the necessary time to on-board old and new users alike. Our team developed an application that allowed the Help Desk staff to request that a computer turn off the smart card requirement during the establishment of a VPN connection.

URL Shortener

Our client's Dashboard had always allowed end users to view, run, and export enterprise-wide reports and compliance results in a variety of popular file formats. Over time, however, a desire for the ability to reference specific Dashboard reports via URL address developed. After repeatedly being told that this functionality was impossible, Business System Solutions developed a URL Shortener tool that creates a shareable report URL and takes all report preferences into account, including filters, sort order, grouping, drill-levels, etc.


CVSS Calculator

Strategy. Scorecards. Metrics. KPI’s.  These are hot-button words that are now industry standards.  Business System Solutions can build interactive and dynamic Score Calculator Systems to help your organization compose strategies, track progress, define and achieve goals.